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Is It More Than Being Out of Shape?

Do you have trouble exercising because of tightness in your chest, coughing or wheezing? Do you feel short of breath when you exercise? If so, you may be one of many people with exercise-induced asthma.

About 20 million people in America reportedly have asthma and estimates indicate that 80 percent of these patients experience increased symptoms during exercise, or what we call exercise-induced asthma. While some non-asthmatics experience asthma only during exercise, the majority of these patients have underlying asthma that worsens with exercise. Studies suggest that these symptoms are common in athletes with more than 15 percent of athletes suffering from exercise-induced asthma.

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Can Allergies Affect Your Ability To Function?

EMAA Everyone who suffers from allergies has experienced the common allergy symptoms like runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes. But can allergies impact your ability to function or your mood? Many patients report feeling "foggy" or fatigued when their allergies are acting up. Some even report trouble concentrating or remembering. Parents often report disruptive behavior in children who may be too young to express their symptoms verbally when their allergies flare. It is very important that these children are not misdiagnosed as having a learning deficit or ADD.

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American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

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